Active Learning

Active learning is learning which engages and challenges children’s thinking using real life and imaginary situations.

Its delivered through spontaneous play, planned purposeful play, life experience, investigation and exploring,

The staff team as a whole supports the children through sensitive intervention and extend the learning through the use of open questions.

Children learn by doing, thinking, exploring, through quality interaction, intervention and relationships founded by children’s interest and abilities across a variety of contexts.

Active learning provides opportunities for children to develop vital skills and knowledge building a positive attitude to learning.


Children are surrounded by technology in their immediate environments and as ICT impacts on so many aspects of our daily lives, it is essential for our children to learn about technology and its role in the world.

By using technology that reflects the children’s real world, it can allow them to share, problem solve and talk about daily events. ICT is not however limited to computers, it can include a broad spectrum of equipment which includes cameras.

The use of programmable toys encourages children to think about space and use language of direction. It can involve children in purposeful, problem solving skills, counting, spatial relations and planning.

By using the smart board the children can interact fully with the computer and the activity taking place.

The children have strict supervision when accessing the internet and we use recognised web security K9 and take guidance from organisations such as CEOP and local and national guidelines.

Outdoor learning

Here at Glenbervie we are fortunate enough to have large outdoor play spaces and gardens and utilise these as often as we can.

Outdoor learning compliments indoor learning and is equally important. It encompasses all that children do, see, hear or feel in the outdoor space and supports the development of healthy and active lifestyles. We provide learning environments outdoors which are stimulating and welcoming to encourage the children to explore and experiment. Both our nurseries have unique features that can be developed and used. We strongly believe that outdoor play and learning has a positive impact on children.

Being outdoors supports children’s developing awareness of personal health and safety. The child begins to understand about weather and climate ‘sun safe’ and hygiene routines after handling soil, sand etc. Playing outdoors also supports the Childs understanding or risk taking and making choices.

Our gardens have separate areas for each age group with various resources appropriate for different age groups. In the baby room staff use different techniques and strategies to promote mobility and physical development.