Citizenship begins with knowledge of how the world works and an awareness of the links between local and world issues. Children form ideas about who they are and how they fit into the world around them early on.

They are already developing attitudes about their own self worth and the worth of others. We provide opportunities for children to build the skills needed to make a positive contribution in making the world a fairer and more sustainable place.

Global citizenship forms an important part of our good practice in line with current curriculum as it encompasses and develops issues of inclusion and equality. It builds on anti-racist education, promoting a multi cultural ethos, gender, human rights and environmental education and offers a specific and unique response to the challenge of poverty.

ECO School

Eco Schools is an international initiative designed to encourage whole nursery action for the environment. It is a recognized award scheme which results in gaining a green flag award.

Our Larbert setting has gained it's green flag status, our Brightons setting has achieved their Bronze and silver award and our Carron Grange setting is working towards it.

We promote environmental awareness within all curricular areas and link to Citizenship and health Education. The Eco process is designed to be an inclusive process and involves everyone in the nursery which helps to build an understanding that respects and enhances the environment.

The nurseries are required to have an Eco Committee comprising of children, parents and staff who attend meetings to discuss relevant issues or action points. We have Eco Notice Boards, which are updated regularly by children and staff with lots of relevant information.