Quotes from children

"I loved going to nursery because all the teachers were nice and I miss them all, Lauren was the best one.  I liked playing in the garden with my friends too." Hannah

"I can do Makaton" Theo

"I'm always excited to see my friends" Emily

"I play with all my friends and see my ladies" Katie

"The toys are cool" Daisy

"Lisa, Kirsty and Dianne make me happy, I get hugs" Theo

"Cereal for snack is good and I like the garden, theres a mud kitchen, I can make things and the shelter is the best as it has lots of toys" Jack

"I like the slide" Caomihe

"I feel happy" Elias 

“I love coming to play with the cars” Dexter 

“I like snack, grapes are my favourite” Jess 

“When I come into nursery I love to play on the computer the best” Mya 

“I love playing with my friends Paige & Mya” Kayla 

“I like Fireman Sam” Luke 

“I like cheese for snack” Ellis 

“Playing with Dinosaurs” Ava 

“I like to play in the home corner” Sian 

“Mummy drops me off I like to play with my friends then mummy comes to get me” Paige